Improve Your Posture and Improve Your Health

Say the word “posture” and immediately everyone around you will sit up a little taller. And yet we continue to slouch or slump in front of our computers or hunch over our phones. Most of us acknowledge that good posture is important, but did you know that poor postural habits can contribute to chronic pain, fatigue and low self-esteem? So what can we do to have better posture?


Join me for this fun, informational workshop in which you’ll learn–

  • The causes of common postural conditions, such as “Dowager’s Hump” and “Text Neck,” and how they impact other body systems; 
  • How posture affects your joints, internal organs, energy level and back as well as mental health; 
  • Ways to combat postural habits to relieve neck tension, muscle soreness and loss of strength;  
  • Understand the role the feet, hips, knees and breath play in maintaining spinal alignment;
  • Easy, effective exercises to strengthen and stabilize key postural muscles. 

Movement will be incorporated throughout the workshop, so dress comfortably and come ready to move, listen, learn, and ask questions. 

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