Building Better Balance

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One-in-four adults age 65+ fall each year with 1 out of 5 falls causing a serious injury. Maintaining balance, especially during transitions, is a real concern as we age. Fortunately, balance is a skill we can improve with a bit of knowledge and practice.

In this 4-week, interactive workshop, you’ll learn–

  • why maintaining balance becomes more challenging as we age
  • how to create a solid foundation by strengthening your legs, feet, and ankles
  • strategies to improve body awareness and posture
  • playful activities to both challenge and improve your vestibular-ocular reflex;
  • simple every-day activities you can do to improve balance and reduce your risk of falling.

Each 1.5-hour session will be dedicated to one aspect of balance with a short lecture and guided balance-building yoga practice. Attendees will receive handouts which include instructions for balance activities that can easily be incorporated into your daily life. Practices will build from week-to-week, so participants are encouraged to attend all four sessions.


Come ready to Move, Laugh, and Learn!